Interning At VC Direct: Lauren’s Story

One of our favorite parts about summer, besides the weather and the beach, is welcoming new interns into VC Direct! Thanks to our competitive Management Training Program, we attract interns from some of the most prestigious schools in the Northeast for 3 months of intensive marketing, sales, communication, and leadership training. This summer, one particular intern, Lauren Trent, left such an impression on us, we invited her to return to the company over winter break and asked her to share her experience interning with the company through this blog.
Lauren – tell us a little about yourself! Where are you attending college at, what are you majoring in, and what occupies your time outside of school?!
I am currently a Junior at Ramapo College of New Jersey, where I am studying marketing and anthropology. At Ramapo, I’ve had the privilege of being a social media coordinator in my sorority Delta Phi Epsilon. I am also a member of the yoga club and love going on hikes at the Ramapo Reservation.
What skills did you learn or improve upon at VC Direct?
During my time at VC Direct, I greatly improved upon my interpersonal skills, specifically communicating with strangers face-to-face. Developing this skill has allowed me to gain confidence both personally and professionally.
What is some advice you would recommend to an intern just starting at VC Direct?
Maintain a positive attitude! You get out what you put in, and your hard work does not go unnoticed.
What did you learn from interning at VC Direct that you can apply to your studies?
Working at VC Direct allowed me to venture outside of my comfort zone and provided me with a new perspective on direct marketing. After my experience at VC Direct, I feel confident entering the business world and I look forward to utilizing all of the marketing techniques that I have learned, such as the importance of creating personal relationships.
What are you looking forward to in the approaching semester?
This semester, I will be studying abroad in France, so I look forward to meeting new people, traveling to different places, and experiencing firsthand international business practices. Overall, I just wanted to say “thank you” again for the amazing opportunity at VC Direct! I’m so grateful for the experience and all of the wonderful people that I’ve met through this internship. I hope to be back in the winter!
Lauren, you were such an incredible addition to our team and are missed already! Thank you for coming in and bringing such great energy and enthusiasm to learn. We wish you the best Fall semester and time in France!!

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