For The Love Of The Game: John’s Story

Athletes flock here at VC Direct Inc. When your company’s business model is based on team interaction, camaraderie, performance-based pay, and merit-based advancement, that’s to be expected! With some of the best talent across the state – talent like John Defoney – our company is quickly emerging as a dominant marketing & sales firm in the Cherry Hill area!

Meet John Defoney, top Account Manager here at VC Direct, all-star baseball player, all-around athlete, and this month’s “Rising Star”. We decided to sit down and interview John about his life story and time with VC Direct in order to recognize him for his outstanding accomplishments at work.

John, tell us about your childhood and how it prepared you to find VC Direct! 

I was born an only child in Vorhees, NJ (raised in Blackwood) and from the time I was 18 months old have had a ball in my hand. Whether my dad was teaching me to swing a tee-ball or we were playing catch in the backyard, I grew up with a deep passion for sports. As a child, all the way up into college, I played everything from baseball, football, hockey, soccer, tennis, bowling, and pool. I learned why you practice, work hard, and always give your best all from sports, and for that, I was well prepared to start at VC Direct.

Where did life take you after graduation? 

After graduation, I had the pleasure of working with my father at a printing company and stayed there for the next 6 years. I learned everything about the printing business, from engineering to machinery repair, team & small business management to maximizing inventory. Still in my early 20s, I accepted a Management role in the company’s receiving department and had the opportunity to grow even more professionally and as a leader. When I felt that I had reached my glass ceiling with the company, I parted ways but am still grateful to this day to the organization for preparing me for management at VC Direct.

What were some things you learned at VC Direct?

I really learned how to care about people and be genuinely interested in their development. In a factory, the culture is that people are replaceable, but at VC Direct, we want every person who’s willing to make personal and professional changes to be successful. Sales came naturally to me, but VC Direct taught me not just how to “do” but how to teach and train. At the end of the day in business, being the best isn’t as important as the whole team doing their best.

What are your goals in the company?

I will be promoted to an Assistant Management position in 3 months time and management by the first of 2019! I want to help VC Direct grow and expand outside of Cherry Hill, as well as put myself and my family in a great situation financially. After all, my dream tuna boat so I can go fish off the outer banks of North Carolina won’t buy itself!

What do you do outside of the office?

I’m actually apart of a pool league and compete every Thursday! I’m in the running now for a trip to Atlantic City and Las Vegas. Between work and pool, I’m always on my toes and on top of my game!

As you can see, John’s energy and excitement to win at whatever he does are contagious. We can’t wait to see all he accomplishes in his time at VC Direct! Catch more of his journey and recognition on Instagram @vcdirectinc!


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